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Aluminum circle use
Aluminum circle is a kind of product obtained by deep processing of aluminum plate. Now the demand of foreign market is relatively large, and most of the aluminum circles produced in China are exported to all over the world.
Aluminum wafer surface bright, beautiful, can be shaped and surface treatment.Generally speaking, the common aluminum circle is mainly 1050/1060/1100/3003/5052 with HO or semi-hard temper state. This treatment will not crack in the punching and spinning processing.

Aluminum Circle Application
pizza pan
cake mold
flat pan
high pressure pot
induction circle pan
traffic sign
our advantages
Production process
We have been strengthening the control of the aluminum coil grain size and elongation at the early stage, and launched the cold-rolled and hot-rolled aluminum discs respectively. The elongation of the produced discs reach 30% – 35%. The grain size is grade I, the surface of the discs is flat without scratches, clean without oil stains, and the edge is smooth without burrs, which conforms to RoHS and reach environmental protection standards.
Device display
Production equipment
The introduction of advanced aluminum wafer production equipment has effectively improved production efficiency and material utilization, and shorten the delivery cycle.
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