Pattern aluminum plate
The embossed aluminum sheet and coil is our professional product, we have lots of experience to produce and supply it. embossed aluminum productst can be used for lighting and heat preservation project, indoor and out door decoration, inner bag of refrigerator and deep freezer, construction of oil industry, electric power industry and chemical industry and top grade structure.

Application:aluminium-plastic panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof corrugated board,fire veneer, aluminum ceiling,
window-shades, roller shutter door, garage door, awning, overboard gutter),
electric products (computer case, electrical panel), light-fixture, furniture, solar reflector, air duct, etc.

Colored embossed aluminum:  aluminium-plastic panel for decoration
mirror finised embossed aluminum : lighting
mill finish embossed aluminum : electric products

Embossed Aluminum  plates according to the different classification of aluminum sheet alloy
1)The general embossed aluminum alloy plate: 1060 aluminum plate for the plate from the processing of aluminum alloy pattern plate, able to adapt to the normal environment, low prices. Usually cold storage, flooring, packaging and more use of this pattern aluminum sheet.
2)Al-Mn alloy  plate: 3003 is known as the main raw material processing, also known as rust-proof aluminum, the strength is slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate, with a certain anti-rust properties, but the hardness and corrosion resistance Less than 5,000 series of pattern plate, so the product is not strictly used in the anti-rust, such as truck models, cold storage floor.
3)aluminum-magnesium alloy  plate: 5052 or 5083, such as 5000 series of aluminum as raw material processing, with good corrosion resistance, hardness, anti-rust performance.


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wall decoration
heater reflect plate
our advantages
why choose it?
1. Light weight and good hardness. As known to all, aluminium has a much smaller density than copper and iron, proving to be the lightest of all regular metals in industrial application. Special patterns of bars and ribs greatly strengthen the comprehensive hardness of the a piece of aluminum checker plate as well. 2. Good corrosion resistance. An aluminium chequered sheet obtains a protective layer on the surface quickly after getting contact with the air. Anodized sheets have an even stronger corrosion resistance. 3. Excellent anti-skid and decoration effect. 4. Long service life.
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Production line
The hot rolling workshop has equipments such as 1+4 hot rolling mill production line,quenching line, 3,000 tons sheet stretcher, etc. The annual production capacity reaches to 20,000tons and the main products consist of alloy aluminum plate, alumina plate, deep-drawing aluminum plate, etc. which are generally used in transportation, electrical and electronic, packaging.
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